An easy way to stay on track with your marketing plan is to find the perfect balance between the three main kinds of videos for your small business — the informational, educational kind, and the entertaining kind.

Recognizing the variety of accessible business video themes and knowing how to choose the ones that suit your needs may lead to discovering the most effective balance for your situation. Moreover, small businesses usually have a limited marketing budget and this makes hiring a professional studio out of the question.

In such cases, a promotional video maker like InVideo makes great sense to get the maximum ROI from video creation investments. It’s probably no surprise to you that a promotional video is important for your business.

You may already be producing videos, or you at least recognize the importance of doing so. Are you struggling to get started with promotional videos to get exposure for your brand? Then we can assist you. Here’s a collection of several promotional video tactics for your small business to use right now!

6 Tips to Craft Resonating Ad Videos for Small Businesses

  1. Leverage Videos to Explain Yourself & your Business

Introductions and short greetings may be the best promotional video formats for small businesses. Experiment with placing a video on your site that clearly depicts the solutions you provide to your clients. Not only that, keep it under a minute long.

Your visitors will discover that this method is far more powerful than squeezing similar information into your landing page’s title and first paragraph. While making every element above the fold, the team struggled to do it all.

A promotional video helps explain complicated ideas with great detail—the video’s ability to include visual and auditory stimuli makes it a better communicator.

By adding a few explanatory films about your product or service to your blog to intrigue visitors, you can guarantee more time spent on your site. This will enable you to capture your target audience and pull them in for more information. This will also increase your chance of closing a sale.

2. Ability to Easily Highlight Social Proof

Customers should be your brand’s greatest supporters when you are performing your job correctly. Why not get them in front of a camera to explain why they are so enamored with your product and business?

Listening to the same individuals from your business make the same pitch may be boring for your audience, especially if it’s always the same person talking.

When considering where to do business, the majority of Americans put more trust in what strangers on the internet have to say about a company than they do in any of the advertising that comes from that company itself.

The numbers come from a study done by Forrester. When it comes to video client testimonials leveraged in promotional videos, the “one-line blurb” is no match for them.

3. Ability to Establish Market Leadership

By hosting your own promotional videos that serve as tutorials, you’ll create a new level of distinction for your brand in the industry. Whiteboard Fridays is a prime illustration of how, even in its early days, Moz promoted the company’s values and differentiators through content.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re not a tech firm, since this still applies to you. To keep things exciting, you might talk about how to save money for retirement, offer helpful ideas for decorating, or even help others to learn how to shop for a home!

No matter what kind of topic you’re publishing about, help others to learn and improve by sharing your experience.

4. Demonstrate your Business Culture

Has “culture content” been something you’ve heard about? That term may seem familiar, but what does it actually mean? It demonstrates the attributes that set your company apart.

In fact, giving off a human vibe will help customers make purchasing decisions and that’s where the power of cultural promotional videos comes in. The average person feels a sense of familiarity with a company’s brand and product when they believe it represents who they are and what they like. They may sign with you or your rival, and this could be the difference.

It’s for this reason that you need to flaunt your identity and business mission. Short one-on-one discussions with co-workers or putting together a highlight reel of the company picnic are two ways you might do this.

5. Customers Prefer Watching Videos Over Reading a Blog

Nearly three-quarters of individuals prefer watching a promotional video to reading about the subject they’re interested in.

To obtain more frequent visits from your readership, offer new material that is familiar to them to your blog. Even if a video blog (known as a Vlog) is low-budget, it’s definitely still a quality production.

You should document your time at work by doing a video blog and talking to your camera when you are in your office or meeting room. Perhaps make use of your phone and start recording some ideas while you go around!

6. Videos are Great for Showing Gratitude to your Customers

Loyalty is very essential to your company’s long-term stability. To make your consumers feel valued, keep your efforts focused on them. Send them a tailored promotional video periodically thanking them for being there for you and letting them know you haven’t forgotten. Something gritty, with an edgy feel, can often be seen as more genuine than overly polished work.


When you’re just starting out with video, the first and most essential thing is to begin. If your video quality and quantity aren’t quite good and your video strategy is out of balance, your entire marketing approach might crumble. But, if you nail the specifics and deploy a holistic approach, you stand a lot to gain from this raging marketing phenomenon!